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Six Graduate Students Won Awards at 25th Canadian Symposium on Catalysis in Saskatoon
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The Winners of the Student Oral Presentation Awards
1st place, $200 CAD
Katelynn Daly, University of Calgary

1st place, $200 CAD
Haiyan Wang, University of British Columbia

3rd place, $100 CAD
Haiting Cai, University of Toronto

3rd place, $100 CAD
Mohsen Shakouri, University of Saskatchewan

The Winners of the Student Post Presentation Winners
1st place, $250 CAD
William Barret, University of Saskatchewan

2nd place, $200 CAD
Ross Arnold, University of Calgary

3rd place, $150 CAD
Muhammad Algamal, University of New Brunswick

Six Graduate Students Received Awards at 2016 Canadian Symposium on Catalysis
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Six graduate students across the country received awardsat the 24th Canadian Symposium on Catalysis. They are

Oral Presentations
First Prize ($100) - Jingfeng Wu, University of Calgary
Second Prize ($75) - Gwendolyn Bailey , University of Ottawa
Third Prize ($50) - Junnan Shangguan, University of Toronto

First Prize ($100) - Veeranmaril Sudheeshkumar, University of Saskatchewan
Second Prize ($75) - Uttam Das, University of Ottawa
Third Prize ($50) - Amir Habibi, University of Alberta

Receivers Talk about the Impact of Kokes Award
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Luis Virla, PhD student of U of Calgary: Receiving the Kokes award was great honor and I am very grateful for being included in such a distinguished group of talented individuals. Kokes awardees are known for being change agents and leaders on catalytic research, and I am very inspired to follow their footsteps. The Kokes award enhanced my experience during NAM24 conference, not only by granting a very generous support, but also by providing an incredible networking platform. During the conference I was able to build numerous and strong connections with key players from industry and academia. Attending to NAM24 was a life changing experience. Sharing with others who are also passionate about catalysis and enjoying state-of-the-art lectures, encouraged me to work and push myself towards innovation and creativeness. I invite all students to attend future NAM conferences and apply for the Kokes award competition to have the chance to discover the wonders of catalysis research.

Yali Yao, PhD student of U of Saskatchewan: I am quite proud and grateful to receive the Kokes Travel Award and have an oral presentation in NAM to discuss my recent work with other participants specialized in catalysis. Kokes Travel Award offered us a great experience in NAM conference to exchange ideas with others in catalysis related to the work I am doing and discover novel opportunities and broaden my knowledge through learning from other participants’ presentations and poster exhibitions. It also provides us opportunities to meet new friends and visit the beautiful city—Pittsburgh!

8 Canadian Students Receive Kokes Award at 24th NAM
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Eight graduate students from Canada received Kokes Awards to attend the 24th NAM (North American Catalysis Meeting) Conference in Pittsburgh, June 14-19, 2015. They are: Sandeep Badoga (University of Saskatchewan), Abhinandan Banerjee (University of Saskatchewan), Pooneh Ghasvareh (University of British Columbia), Hanieh Nassiri (University of Alberta), Junnan Shangguan (University of Toronto), Luis D. Virla (University of Calgary), Thomas E. Wood (University of Toronto), Yali Yao (University of Saskatchewan).
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